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Our Mission

Casa Castillo Foundation’s mission is to understand the complexity of the immigration system. We strive to make navigating the legal immigration procedures as easy and affordable as possible and in some cases at no cost through donations, fundraising, and foundation support. Casa Castillo Foundation provides affordable, quality immigrations services and educates the community to help immigrants become fully-participating members of society. Many people require the services of a licensed and experienced immigration attorney, but cannot afford to pay one. Casa Castillo Foundation exists to provide this support. Casa Castillo Foundation believes in the power of the people and the power of immigrants. We are fueled by our passion for justice and equality.


Adjustment of Status

Advance Parole




Employment Authorization

Fiance Petition

Permanent Resident Card Renewal

Petition for Alien Relative

Provisional Waiver/ Pardon

Removal of Conditions

U Visa


Visa Consular Processing


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